Curated by Matteo Bittanti

September 7- 11 2016, Cantine di Vincenzo Gonzaga, Piazzetta Santa  
Event of Festivaletteratura 2016
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Max Almy & Teri Yarbrow
Hugo Arcier
Dave Ball Bob

Clint Enns
Matthew  Hillock
Kristin Lucas
Victor Morales
Leonardo Sang

Palle Torsson
Jean-Baptiste Wejman
Surprise artist

Isabelle Arvers and Valentina Tanni in conversation.

What is the difference between video games and game videos? What are the affinities and divergences between video games and video art?  What role do electronic simulations play within the current visualscape? Isabelle Arvers and Valentina Tanni discuss the influence of game aesthetics on contemporary art. The conversation is moderated by Matteo Bittanti.

Mantua, August 14 2016 - TRAVELOGUE is a survey of audiovisual artworks made with or inspired by video games. Using machinima and interactive installations, fifteen artists examine the virtual automobile as medium, message, technological commodity, status symbol, interface, and prosthetics. Created through a process of appropriation and remix, these works lie at the intersection of fiction and documentation, performance and simulation, video art and experimental cinema.

TRAVELOGUE takes the viewer for a ride through landscapes that are simultaneously familiar and uncanny, featuring dematerialized vehicles in autopilot mode; glitches, ghosts and algorithms; weapons of mass distraction and feedback loops; sudden acceleration, absolute speed, and endless stasis. Until the inevitable crash.

The exhibition is staged in the Cellars of Vincenzo I Gonzaga, a part of the Gonzaga Palace. Featuring an impressive structure with exposed brick walls and beamed vaulted and barrel ceilings, the space features several rooms covering an area of about eight hundred square meters located in a XV Century building.
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